Are Raccoons Friendly or Aggressive? What to Do if a Raccoon Approaches You

In case you have unwanted guests in your property, you will need to take the necessary step to get rid of them. Raccoons expose your family to several risks. Aside from the disease that they carry, they can also attack our pets once they feel threatened. Raccoons can be found in all corners of the country. The probability of encountering a raccoon in your community is fairly high. In some cases, the creature will panic when they encounter human. You need to know if they are dangerous in order to understand how to approach them properly.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wilmington Raccoons
Here are some facts about the raccoon that will help you determine if they are aggressive or docile creature. This will make you understand the things that you should do once you encounter the raccoon. It will enable you to minimize the possible damages that Delaware raccoons can cause.

Will The Raccoons Kill Cat?
You need to remember that raccoons are still wild creatures and they will behave like a wild animal. Your cat and your raccoon can end up having a conflict. The raccoon can attack the cat for two reasons. The cats may chase them and once they are cornered, the raccoons will launch an attack. In addition, raccoons love the taste of the cat food. The two of them can fight over the bowl of cat’s food. Generally, cats are passive creatures and will not pay attention to the antics of the raccoons. This is why it is uncommon for the raccoon to attack the cat. However, if you keep your pet’s food outside, you can invite unwanted guest in your property. In case a fight ignites, Wilmington raccoons have the ability to kill your cats.

Will They Attack Dogs?
Raccoons will not usually attack our pet dog. However, in case there is a raccoon activity within your community, you still have to remain cautious. Dogs are territorial creatures; they will immediately chase the animals that invaded their territory. The common reaction of the raccoon is to flee, however once your dog cornered it, it will definitely attack your dog. Raccoons may also eat the food in our dog’s bowl that can start a fight. The teeth and the claw of the raccoons are sharp. They can use this to injure our dogs severely.

Do They Have Rabies?
Raccoon just like the other mammal species in the wild such as fox, bats, and skunk are possible carrier of rabies. Although the risk of being infected is relatively low, they can still infect you and your pets. Rabies can be transmitted from a single scratch. In case a raccoon accidentally scratched you, you should ask for an immediate treatment. Treatments are effective but they are expensive and can be very painful.

You will always have that chance to avoid the attack of the raccoon. If you perform some preventative measures that will help you stay away from raccoon infestation, the possibility of experiencing a problem related with the raccoon will be relatively low.

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