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We are Wilmington Animal Attic, a full service wildlife removal company servicing Wilmington, De. As the largest wildlife control company in the county, or experienced team of experts can provide the right solution to dealing with your wildlife problem. One of the key aspects of our company’s philosophy is that we aim to deliver a service that is quick, while also with the personal touch of a team of local people who take pride in their work. All of our technicians have the latest animal control qualifications and we are proactive in sharing the best practice and our experience with the latest methods and equipment available to deal with catching and removing different animal species. Dealing with rodents such as rats, mice and squirrels around properties is a particular area of expertise for us, and we can work with any infestation - large or small. Unlike pest controllers, we also take the stance that poison is unnecessary and counter productive when dealing with animals, as you certainly don’t want to call us out again when a rat has escaped and is producing a stink in one of your vents or wall cavities! Whatever your animal problem, give our friendly team a call and we can give you a verbal indication of cost, before arranging for one of our specialists to produce a formal quote for you. Call us now at 302-725-0184 for a solution to your wild animal problem.

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Wilmington raccoon removal and skunk removal.

Removal of animals in the attic, like squirrels.

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Our Service Range

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Wilmington Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Why Is a Woodpecker Pecking on My House?

There are various reasons why woodpeckers would peck your house. Normally, you will think that they are actually eating the stucco or the wood. However, this is not really the case. There are some instances that they are looking for the insects that are hidden inside the woods such as the carpenter bees. There are also times that they are simply marking their territory. Regardless of their reason, their habit can make our house look unattractive.

Reasons Why Woodpeckers Are Pecking Your House
In this article we will help you understand the unique behavior of the Wilmington woodpeckers. Hopefully, you can identify the best solution for your woodpecker problem by knowing the reasons behind this habit. Before you perform a DIY removal, remember that these creatures are protected under the law so you need to remain cautious if you don’t want to find yourself in a legal mess.

Marking their Territory
In case they are drumming your house during the spring season, this is their action to mark their territory. This is also their way to attract their prospected mate. In case this is the reason behind their drumming, they will usually stop during the breeding season. You may wait until the breeding season ends and the drumming of the woodpecker will subside.

Creating a Hole or Nest
The Delaware Woodpeckers are pecking your house since they want to create their nest. In case the creature is building their nest cavity, they will create a large and round hole. These holes will normally be built during the start of their nesting season. This may start during the latter part of April and will last up to May. In case you want to remove the woodpecker from your property, it would be advisable to do it after or before the breeding season. They may also use this place to store the foods that they collected.

Hunting for Foods
When they are pecking on your house, they are probably hunting for the insects that are in your siding. In case the Wilmington woodpeckers are looking for foods, you will notice that the holes they will create are irregular and tiny. If you want to put an end to this, you should think of ways to deal with your pest infestation. Some of the favorite meals of the Woodpeckers include grass bagworms, leafcutter bees, carpenter bees, and carpenter ants.

Once you notice that the woodpeckers are drumming your house, you will need to develop an intensive strategy that will help you encourage the birds to leave your property. According to the experts, the vinyl sidings and the colored aluminum are less likely to be damaged from the persistent pecking of this bird. If you are planning to use deterrents such as suet feeders, study shows that the results are inconsistent. This means that the efficacy of the visual deterrents cannot be verified. For a better solution, hire the service of the professional bird removals to deal with your problem.